Uerdingen Michaelskirche

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Michaelskirche Uerdingen

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Michaelskirche is located in Uerdingen, a a district of the city of Krefeld in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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Uerdingen Michaelskirche
Uerdingen Michaelskirche

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The first Protestant service was held in Uerdingen as early as 18 February 1846, but it was not until 1862 that Uerdingen’s first Protestant church was consecrated. During the Second World War, the church was badly damaged, but it was repaired relatively quickly. In 1956, a large parish hall was built on Kronenstra├če, which was sold in 2007. The house of worship was demolished a few months before its 100th anniversary, as it had become too small for the now very large congregation. In 1964, the present St Michael’s Church was consecrated, built according to plans by the architect Heinrich Otto Vogel. The medieval-looking round bell tower still characterises the Uerdingen townscape today.

Conclusion: locked modern church with not much information available

Uerdingen Michaelskirche
Tower and nave
Uerdingen Michaelskirche
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