Argences Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste

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Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste Argences

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Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste is located in Argences, a commune in the Département Calvados/Region Normandy in France.

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Argences Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Church from the south

Visiting Argences Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste

This church was a chance find during our holiday in Normandy. Of course it is a modern church, and with the tower standing apart it has little in common with the medieval churches on this website, especially those in England, but of course it still belongs onto this website. In any case, it was nice that it was open; whether this is always the case, we don’t know of course, but since we were there on a “normal” weekday, we assume at least that it is.

About its history: the first church on this site was probably built in the 11th century. In the 13th century it belonged to the monastery in the village, but fell into disrepair when the monastery was abandoned in 1440. It was completely rebuilt in 1737, so that the new church could be consecrated in 1738.

This church was then almost completely destroyed during World War II: the Germans blew up the bell tower on 20.07.1944, Allied bombardments did the rest; only the wall of the choir remained, and was integrated into the new church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, built in 1960 and consecrated in 1961, which we see today.

The church is built according to a longitudinally oriented plan with three naves. A building adjoins the south wall of the nave.

The west façade is pierced by a multitude of small rectangular openings. A dove and a cross are carved above the openings. The entrance is protected by a canopy.

The bell tower has a circular cross-section and is independent of the structure.

The church is covered with a curved roof. The eaves walls are articulated by small rectangular openings and are supported by buttresses.

All in all, a modern, not particularly spectacular church, but of course it still belongs on this page.

Conclusion: modern church which is obviously kept open

Argences Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Campanile tower