Saint-Rémy Xouaxange

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Église St Rémy Xouaxange

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Église St Rémy is located in Xouaxange, a village in the Département Moselle in France.

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Église Xouaxange St Rémy

Visiting Xouaxange Saint-Rémy

The church of St Rémy in Xouaxange is one of the churches in Alsace-Lorraine about which I could not find any information on the internet. It is normally locked, but there information about a key are displayed; unfortunately no one was there on our latest visit. On my first visit – during which there must have been a village festival – it was open, so I was at least able to take some interior photos, though of poor quality. If you are interested in seeing the inside of this church yourself, I recommend (as with all French churches) that you contact the mayor “Mairie” (link above in the info box).

Conclusion: locked church with no information at all available

Église Xouaxange St Rémy
Chancel with altar