Me at Wells pier in

About me

My name is Bernd, I was born in the “Summer of ’69”, and I live in Germany. Having a degree in Economics, with no architectural training or religious connotation whatsoever, it came as a complete surprise to me that I had developed such a strong interest in Round Tower Churches over the years. Having fallen in love with my first ever Round Tower Church Hales St Margaret, the interest grew more and more over the years, and I tried to visit this special kind of churches in as many countries as possible. Luckily, Norfolk has become our favourite region in the UK for our holidays, meaning we have had many opportunities to visit the churches in East Anglia where the majority of Round Tower Churches can be found.
However, due to the sheer number, I will probably never be able to say: “Well, now I have finally completed the job”, but I still like visiting churches, and during the work on this new website, I discovered how poor the quality of some photos is, meaning we will have to visit many of the churches on this website again.

About me
Me at Holkham Beach in Norfolk
'Lyn and me planning a trip

The team for this project

I would have never been able to finish this large project so quickly without the help of my good friend ‘Lyn Stilgoe from the Round Tower Churches Society, with whom we have visited many churches over the years. She has provided the summaries of all the English and Welsh churches with her stunning knowledge about them and the help of her vast archive. What’s more, many new insights have been incorporated in her texts, meaning that you will probably find some contradicting information about some of the churches to those available on other sites. But you can be sure that all the information on this site are the most recent ones available.
All photos (apart from those which are copyrighted) were taken by me and my wonderful wife, who usually joins me in the visits of the churches.

My wife at Houghton Hall Gardens in Norfolk