Saint Gengoulf Lidrezing

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What you need to know about this church

Saint Gengoulf Lidrezing

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Church Information

The church of St Gengoulf is located in Lidrezing, a village in the Département Moselle in France.

This church is usually open Sundays 10 am to 4 pm

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Église St Gengoulf Lidrezing
Church from the west

Visiting Lidrezing St Gengoulf

The church of St Gengoulf in Lidrezing is one of the churches in Alsace-Lorraine about which I could find no further information on the internet. On my first visit it was locked, but somehow I managed to get a key (unfortunately I don’t remember how). There is no notice to that effect. Unfortunately, I did not take the opportunity to take enough photos inside, because on our second visit a few years later, we were not lucky to be able to obtain a key. So you can only see two interior photos of the church, which are not very informative. If you are interested in seeing the inside of the church yourself, I recommend (as with all French churches) that you contact the mayor “Mairie” (link in the info box above).

Conclusion: locked church with few information available

Église St Gengoulf Lidrezing
Nave view east