Bettws Penpont Church

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Bettws Penpont Church

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Bettws Penpont church is located in the grounds of Penpont House in Wales, about 6 miles west of Brecon, right on the main A40 road. It has no known dedication.

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Bettws Penpont church
Church from the north-east
Bettws Penpont church
Tower with font

Visiting Bettws Penpont church

This Church is known as Bettws Penpont, which means “The House of Prayer above the Bridge”. It is not known to which Saint it was attributed. It was originally a chapel-of-ease, for a remote community in the parish of Llansbyddid. The name Betws Penpont was officially adopted in 1880, when it became a separate Parish. However there had been a church here for a very long time, probably from the 12th or 13th century? By the 18th century it had become ruinous and was rebuilt in 1789. Then in 1865 major alterations were carried out, under the supervision of the well-known architect Sir Gilbert Scott. (This architect was also responsible for the building of the new Round Tower Church at Higham, Suffolk, in 1861). The square east end was removed and replaced by an apse. The top of the round tower, like a “bee hive”, was removed and a “light elegant spire” was substituted. The spire is cone shaped, covered with grey slates. The tower has four belfry openings, of a simple lancet shape, which sit on a stone string course, with another string half way up the tower. The west window appears to have a 19th century version of plate tracery. The nave windows are double lancets under a single arch. The apse has four lancet windows. On the south side of the nave there is an organ chamber at the east end, and to the west, at the junction between nave and tower, is a vestry. The Church is entered by its only doorway on the north side.

The Baptistry has been formed below the tower, where the plain round tub font made in 1865 stands. Remaining from the old Church are the silver Communion vessels, mostly 18th century.

Conclusion: modernised church with no know dedication

Bettws Penpont church
Nave view west
Bettws Penpont church
Nave view east